Best Cure for Hemorrhoids – Using Natural or Organic Treatments

Posted on July 6th, 2010

In today’s search for the best cure for hemorrhoids, one is more inclined to look for natural treatments that will bring about the lessening of the discomfort.

The advent of using harmful substances like mercury, as ingredient or composition to hemorrhoidal medications, makes an individual wary about its relation to the high incidences of a major disease known as colorectal cancer.

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Such harmful ingredients have been linked to the aggravation of constipation, diarrhea and other chronic digestive disorders that can bring about piles and other colorectal irritants.

Despite our intakes of fibrous fruits and vegetable as well as adequate amounts of water, the persistence and frequency of constipation and the resulting hemorrhoids can be alarming.

The increase in the prevalence of other digestive ailments that induce hemorrhoids has also been linked to genetically modified foods proliferating in the market.

The lack of proper monitoring by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has allowed these genetically modified foods to reach the fruit and vegetable sections of grocery stores because they do not require labelling.

Despite assurances that these kinds of foods are safe, we cannot discount the fact that the number of people suffering from unexplained abdominal stress and chronic digestive disorders that cause hemorrhoids has increased.

Our best recourse therefore is to choose those foods that are properly marked as 100% organic. In case we suffer from common digestive disorders, it would be safer if what we consider as best cure for hemorrhoids is maintained as organic in nature.

Natural remedies to cure the painful and inflamed parts affected by hemorrhoids include the following.

1. Application of coconut oil on the irritated piles; this will bring about soothing relief since coconut oil has inherent healing properties to reduce inflammation. You may find certain ready to apply preparations of coconut oil bearing guarantee that they have been extracted from organically grown coconut.

The natural healing properties of the coconut oil work as best treatment for hemorrhoids due to the oil’s sclerosing action. This entails smoothing out of the twisted veins and the swollen blood vessels.

2. Immerse your body in a tub filled with warm water for at least 10 minutes and do these several times during the day. This is considered as the best cure for hemorrhoids especially among pregnant women, prone to hemorrhoids due to the pressure brought about by their increasing body weight.

3. Increase fibre and water intake to soften the stool and to avoid irritating the affected piles until they become fully healed.

In this day and age, going back to organic or natural in our search for the best cure for hemorrhoids is considered as a better alternative in finding relief and treatment. This is in view of the warnings given out by concerned consumer groups that some commercially prepared hemorrhoidal ointments are not totally safe.

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