Bleeding Hemorrhoids Home Remedies – 5 Remedies That Work

Posted on March 6th, 2011

Bleeding hemorrhoids must be dealt with and fast. Complications can occur when the bleeding is not stopped. For immediate treatment, bleeding hemorrhoids home remedies must be applied as soon as the symptoms are seen.

1. Apply Cold Packs

Bleeding from external hemorrhoids can be dealt with easily with cold. Grab some ice and fill an ice pack with it. When the pack is cold apply it on the bleeding hemorrhoid to help the fissure clot and stop bleeding. This is one of the bleeding hemorrhoids home remedies that is easy to apply and readily available to anyone afflicted with hemorrhoids.

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2. Take Warm Sitz Baths

For internal hemorrhoids that bleed a warm sitz bath is the fastest remedy you can apply. You will need a bath tub and warm water for this then dip your body ensuring the anal area is submerged in warm water for several minutes. The warm water will pass through the anus soaking the interal anal fissures stopping the bleeding.

3. Lemon and Milk

Lemon and milk combined are effective in stopping the hemorrhoids from bleeding. This is because lemon and milk can strengthen blood vessels. Do this everyday for three times per day for results. Lemon peels are also rich with compounds that could stop bleeding. Boil the Lemon peels in hot water. Wait for the water to cool down to more tolerable temperatures and drink it. Do this at least once a day to stop hemorrhoidal bleeding.

4. Pomegranate Peels

Grind the pomegranate peels to extract the juices and mix it with water. You may need to use a sieve to separate the juices from the peels. Do this and drink the concoction every day and night to effectively stop the bleeding of hemorrhoids.

5. Herbal Suppositories

Several herbs can be used as suppositories to treat hemorrhoids. Onions and garlic are these type of herbs. Turn these into suppositories by removing the skin that covers the garlic and onions. Cut a small portion and insert it in the rectum until the entire herbal suppository is inside. This is a safe and cheap way to stop bleeding hemorrhoids. You can also get Bolus, a herbal suppository made from cocoa. It is sold over the counter in stores and pharmacies.

These bleeding hemorrhoids home remedies are always within the reach of individuals suffering from hemorrhoids, bleeding or not. Always remember that these remedies are most effective when applied as soon as possible when bleeding occurs.

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