Hemorrhoids Homeopathic Treatments – 10 Most Recommended Homeopathic Cures

Posted on June 30th, 2010

If you are to consider homeopathy as your alternative cure for hemorrhoids, be sure to consult a recognized practitioner of homeopathic medicine.

This is aside from consulting with your doctor whether this kind of cure is suitable your present health condition. Thereafter, the doctor can consider evaluating the following hemorrhoids homeopathic treatments if they are not detrimental for you:

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1. Aloe – this homeopathic remedy is suitable for those with piles that protrude in a cluster or bunch.

2. Calcarea Florica
– Suitable for bleeding hemorrhoids accompanied by severe itching in the anal region.

3. Graphites – These are recommended for those who experience burning sensations in their piles as a result of the inflammation, itching or broken skin. Most often, persons with problems in obesity suffer from this kind of hemorrhoids as their skins tend to erupt due to the pressure imposed by their weights on their piles.

4. Sulphur – this is the hemorrhoids homeopathic treatment recommended for bleeding and itching piles while the stomach experiences gas pains that needs to be expelled more often. The sufferer does not find soothing relief in warm bath soaks while suffering from this type of hemorrhoids.

5. Aesculus Hippocastamus
– hemorrhoids that need this type of homeopathic treatment also experience burning sensations that tend to pulsate with the swelling accompanied by painful pricks and low back problems.

6. Arnica Montana
is the homeopathic remedy for those whose hemorrhoids are aggravated by straining or lifting movements.

7. Hamamelis
is another homeopathic remedy for bleeding hemorrhoids sufferers, wherein the anal area experiences throbbing pains.

8. Ignatia
– is best for those who have coughing problems and their involuntary movements can cause the sufferer stabbing and throbbing pains. In this case, bowel movement is followed by bleeding and pile protrusion becomes even worse.

9. Pulsatilla – this is the hemorrhoids homeopathic treatment for piles that are itchy and with pricking pains. Applying warmth or medications with warming effect can only aggravate the protruded piles.  These are usually the types of hemorrhoids demonstrated in relation to pregnancy.

10. Nix Vomica – the type of homeopathic medication for painful hemorrhoids where the acts of bowel movements are characterized by involuntary tightening of the rectum muscles.

The act of exerting pressure to relieve one’s self of fecal waste is ineffective and could be frustrating. Hence, the sufferer tends to be on edge and irritable at all times. In fact, the sufferer may resort to the use of alcohol and or drugs to drown out the results of his miserable feelings.

The expert homeopathic physician will determine your hemorrhoids homeopathic treatments according to the hemorrhoids descriptions for each type of treatment. Usually, the sufferer will be prescribed with a single dose and await the results of the homeopathic medication.

If improvement in the sufferer’s condition was noted it can sometime be increased or stay at a single dose per day. If otherwise, the hemorrhoids homeopathic treatments will be replaced.

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  1. shashi bhushan kumar

    I think given up remedy is not sufficient.bleeding piles ,light burning pain, bleeds drop by drop, fear to bleeds, swelling in rectum orifice . Give me sugession what to do.

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