Hemorrhoids Not Healing – 5 Reasons You Should Know

Posted on March 15th, 2011

It is common for hemorrhoids to heal after several days. But there are also times when hemorrhoids return or downright stay on you. So why are there times when your hemorrhoids does not heal? Hemorrhoids not healing is due to several things.

1. You Did Not Change Your Diet

Several types of food can keep causing or aggravating hemorrhoids. This includes spicy foods and those that do not digest completely like nuts and seeds. Not adding more fiber to what you eat and drinking enough water are also another reasons why hemorrhoids are not healing.

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2. You Are Doing Strenuous Activities

When you have hemorrhoids there are several activities that you should avoid. These are activities that are stressful and puts unwanted strain on your hemorrhoids. Sitting in a position the also puts strain on the hemorrhoids should also be avoided.  Hemorrhoids not healing can be because you are doing these things.

3. You Are Not Applying Treatment Properly

Diligence in treating your hemorrhoids is a must. No remedy should be skipped or applied with long intervals because you have no time or your forgot. When itchiness occur do not rub the cream on with the intent of scratching the hemorrhoid. Follow prescriptions when you are given one.

4. Forced Fecal Excretion

When you have hemorrhoids normal bowel movement should be practiced. But you must learn more about what a normal bowel movement is. It is not always having fecal excretion everyday. So do not force a bowel movement on a daily basis when you do not have the urge to excrete feces.

5. It Might be More Than Just Hemorrhoids

If you have done everything in the book to treat hemorrhoids and still they do not heal then you must entertain the possibility that your condition is more than just ordinary hemorrhoids. Consult a doctor quickly if the hemorrhoids have remained longer than expected. Hemorrhoids, when infected or not treated properly, could escalate into Thrombosis which will need a doctor’s attention.

Hemorrhoids should heal when you apply all the known non-surgical treatments. So when treatments do not work consulting a doctor is crucial to learn the reasons why and know what to do to treat these hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids not healing could be a serious condition that needs immediate medical attention. Learn more about hemorrhoids and the reasons they do not heal. Ask a doctor now if you have time.

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