How to Treat Hemorrhoids – Drinking Tea Can Help You

Posted on October 26th, 2009

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, you are likely scouring the net to figure out how to treat hemorrhoids and get relief as fast as possible. Depending on the time of day as well as your personal preference, you might be seeking an alternative treatment to the expensive over the counter medications that are available.

Well, good for you for taking a stand against the customary courses of treatments. Here are a few of the highest recommended natural treatments you can take advantage of for your hemorrhoids.

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An old remedy that was likely used by your grandparents and even your great grandparents – good old fashion tea. Although this tea is more than your average store bought tea. You will need to drink any variety of an herbal tea such as dandelion root, stone root, yarrow or horse chestnut. This tea is well known for its ability to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids by maintaining regularity.

Other Methods Include:

1. Witch Hazel is another popular treatment for hemorrhoids. Applying the Witch Hazel liberally to the hemorrhoids every time you go to the bathroom is a great way to achieve relief.

2. Ice packs are ideal to soothe the hemorrhoids. You might want to wet and freeze a cloth instead of using ice cubes or an ice pack.

3. You will be amazed at the relief you can find after you use a Sitz bath. Take 3-4 Sitz baths a day. You should allow yourself to enjoy the Sitz bath for about 20 minutes each time.

Understanding and know how to treat hemorrhoids is only half of the battle. You also need to know how to reduce your odds of suffering from them altogether.

For example, you should take better control of your diet. Increase your water consumption, and make sure you are consuming the ideal amount of fiber on a daily basis to alloy regularity which can diminish your risks for hemorrhoids.

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