What to Do If Hemorrhoids Burst – 6 Things You Should Do

Posted on March 10th, 2011

Hemorrhoids are already painful and troublesome and things get worse if these swollen anal tissues burst. Though the pain would disappear because of the pressure being released, the anal tissue is now broken causing blood to flow, and that blood will certainly go somewhere. That is why it is a must to know what to do if hemorrhoids burst.

1. Do Not Panic

Hemorrhoids bursting are normally not a life threatening phenomena. It normally occurs when the swelling had too much pressure causing the tissue to break. First thing you do is relax and feel the pain go away.

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2. Wipe The Blood Off

Bleeding normally follows burst hemorrhoids so immediately clean your anus when you see blood dripping from it. Clean the area thoroughly and gently. That is for external hemorrhoids. For burst internal hemorrhoids, you will not be able to deal with the bleeding but the blood will flow out of your anus. Get a sanitary pad or any absorbent and clean material and place it on your underwear directly beneath your anus. This will absorb the blood flowing out preventing you from getting embarrassed.

3. Apply Cold Compress or Ice Packs

To stop the bleeding fast use cold compress or ice packs. This will help the anal fissures to clot, stopping the blood from flowing. With the absence of cold compress or cold packs use a small plastic bag and place some ice into it. Wrap the bag with a cloth and apply it directly to the burst hemorrhoid.

4. Keep The Area Clean

Keep the burst hemorrhoids clean after every bowel movement. This is to ensure that the anal fissures or wounds are not infected from being exposed to fecal matter for too long. Do this gently as external anal fissures are more painful that external hemorrhoids.

5. Check for Excessive Bleeding

Bleeding from burst hemorrhoids normally settle after a few minutes. However, if the bleeding continues and the same amount of blood is released then you must consult a doctor for the appropriate medicine to help stop the bleeding. Tranexamic acid is usually the prescribed drug to take to treat excessive bleeding.

6. Deal with Constipation Immediately

Burst hemorrhoids live anal fissures. These are wounds on the anal tissues. Constipated feces will aggravate this wounds so make sure you take lots of fluid and fiber in your diet to make your feces soft and smooth.

Burst hemorrhoids should be treated immediately as the wounds made are exposed to feces making them prone to infection. Consult a physician immediately if bleeding from burst hemorrhoids continue for several days. Hopefully with these you now know what to do if hemorrhoids burst.

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